Park track conditions

Park condition update 25th January 2013

With rain predicted this Australia Day long weekend we have opened the grass area between Lillys Cry and Tour Drive 2 for campers

We will post on face book daily rain fall 9am and 4pm

With two hours of sunshine most tracks dry out enough to drive especially on the western side.


Park conditions September 2012

Three months in at our new location and we believe it is going to give our park visitors some great spots to set up camp and enjoy the peace and quiet of this beautiful bush setting. As we clear the lantana and other weeds which has been left to run wild for the past 40 years we are finding some beautiful hidden gems. Large stag horns clusters hanging off giant trees, green moss and lichen spread over a clump of boulders, rainforest ferns  and stunning grass trees just to name a few.

There are tracks for walking along the creek which cross from side to side up the gully which we hope to join up once we clear the overgrown weeds.

We have a lot of different kinds of wildlife and some beautiful birds for those who like to sit quietly and wait for them to re emerge from their hideaways.

As we cleared the lantana back from the main roadway and out of the trees on the eastern side of the property the sun has been able to reach the ground which has helped to dry the road. We have been able to get trucks up the mountain and lay a gravel road base on the sections which were very slippery. It will be interesting to see if we have done sufficient work on the track so people can reach the main campgrounds in wet weather. 


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